Why become an Exhibitor at KYD-X?

KYD-X gives the exhibitor an opportunity to be identified with other organisations who genuinely seek improved outcomes for their clients.

We have an effective venue to showcase your product or service to people who need to know what you have to offer allowing direct access to those clients in an environment where people are seeking your products and services.

Many decisions about service and products will be made at this expo with your potential clients, your own clients, their families and carers all being in attendance.

Sponsoring the event will also enable you to stand out and be noticed, you can push your brand further with a sponsorship package designed to showcase your commitment to the community and to people of all abilities.

KYD-X places great importance on recognising our sponsors and maximising the exposure to your brand.

KYD-X Service Provider Handbook

KYD-X is also producing a handbook showcasing the different providers and the specific services that they provide. With the first print being 1000 copies this is also a great opportunity to gain exposure to the people that are unable to attend the expo. This book will be readily available at the expo and on the KYD-X website.

The details included for the A4 article include:
• Trading Name
• Logo
• Location
• Website
• Specific Services Provided
• Registered Provider/Non-Registered Provider
• What parents, families and individuals need to know about your organisation
• Any photos
• A template can be provided on request

How will we promote the Expo and you?

KYD-X will be using a wide variety of marketing and advertising focusing on attracting maximum attendance and ensuring the best outcome for the expo.

Marketing activities will include:

• Radio campaign on MIX FM
• Social media marketing
• Promotional posters/flyer
• Website which will be also widely promoted through social media
• Print media
• Industry internal promotion
• Engaging with youth groups, schools, kindergartens and child care centres with special needs programs

The Road Less Travelled

As a part of exhibitor sponsorship KYD-X is offering ‘The Road Less Travelled’ an opportunity to increase foot traffic to your exhibit space through an attendee competition. The attendees will be invited to take ‘The Road Less Travelled’ and visit the space of the participating exhibitors. Once they have visited all participating exhibitors they will be eligible to enter a draw to win some exciting prizes.

There are a number of opportunities for you to ensure exposure to your brand and that your name is clearly linked with KYD-X. Thank you for considering your sponsorship as it ensures that the expo is freely available to those who certainly need it.

  • 3m x 3m Booth exhibit space (powered and lighting).
  • Logo to be on the KYD-X website sponsor page with link to sponsors website.
  • Welcome message as sponsor on the news section of the website.
  • Welcome message as sponsor on the social media site with link to sponsor social media site
  • Article (A4 size) in the KYD-X service provider handbook. (First print 1000)
  • Part of ‘The Road Less Travelled’ increasing foot traffic to exhibit space.
  • Recognition of sponsorship displayed on booth name board.
  • Use of the KYD-X logo in all marketing & promotional material showing your support.

Exhibitor Package – Booth

Fascia/ Name Board  Digital print fascia name board signs featuring single colour lettering on a white background.  A company sign will be installed over each open side.  Full colour name board signs can be produced at an additional cost (POA)

Walling  2.4m high Velcro compatible frontrunner covered walls.  Colour – black
Lighting  2x 120watt spotlights per 3m x 3m (9sqm) booth.  Lights are mounted behind the front fascia panel
Power  1 x 4amp power point per 3m x 3m (9sqm) booth.  Power points are mounted on the rear wall

Exhibitor Package – Poster Board Space

Fascia/Name Board
Digital print fascia name board signs featuring single colour lettering on a white background

2.4m wide x 1.2m high black Corinthian
poster board

1.8m trestle table with linen tablecloth

KYD-X Service Provider Handbook